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forex trading bot scams identify the greatest strengths of Dr. Bentley’s candidacy;
identify the greatest weaknesses of his opponents;
define a winning coalition and determine the method and cost of reaching and building that coalition; and,
create a model that allows us to predict the outcome based on different levels of turnout.

It would be very helpful if you can please list what you believe are the greatest strengths and weaknesses of Dr. Bentley in a Republican primary- in terms of his voting record, policy proposals, CV, accomplishments, etc. And the same for his opponents – Byrne, Ivey, Moore, James. If you have good opposition research on these guys (w/ documentation), include that as well.

Please let me know if you have any questions. If you can have something back to me by tomorrow before our call – even if it’s just a very brief overview – I’d sincerely appreciate it.

Most all voters desire to know five things about a candidate for public office:

1.     What makes you qualified?

2.     What are your positions and principles?

3.     What values do you share with voters?

4.     What makes you the best candidate?

5.     What makes you unique?

The job of Ferguson & Associates is to answer these questions via multimedia messaging and branding that is EFFECTIVE, EFFICIENT, AND EMPIRICAL.